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Landmark Computer Labs, Inc. is a personal computer consulting firm in Alexandria, Virginia. We work with small business, entrepreneurs, families and individuals who want help with their PCs, but don't have a corporate IT department.


On this Web site, The View from Landmark, we comment on trends and issues in personal computing.


The View from Landmark features . . .


  • tips and techniques to make time spent with your computer more rewarding,
  • commentary on new personal computer policies and trends,
  • plain-English explanations of new technology and its relevance to you, and
  • answers to common questions.

  • Landmark computers have always been special, and their users deserve the best support available. Whether you have a Landmark PC or a conventional PC, even if we haven't yet met, we invite you to travel along with us as we explore the world of 21st Century personal computing.

    The View from Landmark-smoky-day-June-29-2023

    The View from Landmark panorama: June 29, 2023, a smoky day

    A few of our current interests

    artificial intelligence

    ChatGPT and generative AI

    The world is about to change. The driver is Artificial Intelligence. We've put together AI in the Air: For Lawyers, a special video briefing for a select few of our clients. Soon we will offer AI in the Air, a much more comprehensive look at AI, its pros and cons, and the ways it will affect the ways we live, work, and play.

    AI has already come to Windows 11. Much more is coming, possibly in just a few weeks. If Bing Chat and Windows Copilot live up to Microsoft's promises, they could revolutionize the way we work with our personal computers.

    interactive courseware

    Interactive Web courseware

    We've built AI in the Air: For Lawyers as a sample of the kind of learning tool we want for ourselves: accessible, interactive, entertaining. You can dig as deep as you like, or just skim the surface. You determine your course of learning, and navigate it in the order that's best for you.

    It's the beginning of Landmark.Academy (pronounced Landmark-dot-Academy). L-dot-A, our newest initiative, will be an online learning center offering interactive courses, lectures, and Webinars on a variety of topics important to personal computer users.


    Lifelong learning

    We're asked constantly if we can help our clients keep up with technology.

    Our solution is Landmark.Academy (pronounced Landmark-dot-Academy), a virtual school with a virtual campus. You will be able to learn what you want, when you want, at whatever speed you want. Courses will be interactive and on-demand.

    If you need a guide, you can use our Concierge feature. If you want to be tested, we'll have optional quizzes. If you just want to learn for the sake of learning, then you're sure to like Landmark.Academy, coming soon.













    Landmark Labs initiatives

    what we're working on right now

    We're preparing to launch several Web sites to promote our new initiatives. We're ramping up our Web site design business, which we stepped away from because we just didn't have the time to devote to it. This time we'll be using WordPress, now that it has matured, rather than earlier technologies like Joomla. We still use good old HTML, too. We will start managing automatic backups for clients, since so many people just plain fail to back up their computers. We will be creating promotional videos and hosting them, too. And we'll be rolling out Landmark.Academy, our educational component.

    Each initiative will have its own Web site . . .

    . . . but none of this happens instantly, and nothing happens without help. We're building out the Landmark Intern Program so that we can share the excitement with young, fresh minds. We help them; they help us. Simple as that. (We'll have a dedicated intern page on the Landmark Computer Labs Web page soon.)

    Landmark Intern Program

    There's a place for the best and brightest high school and college students who are interested in personal computing.  That place is right here at Landmark.


    We've had great success working with teens and young adults who bring their interest and curiosity.  We give them an opportunity to work directly with us and with our clients.  We let them experience a small business from the inside, with changing priorities, extended hours, and mountains of things to do.  We invite them to explore the fields that interest them in a real-world environment.


    From computer repair to video production, from graphics technology to artificial intelligence, our interns get to do real work, collaborate on real projects, and create real things. The intent: to help prepare them for future careers, and to give us the benefit of their fresh minds and new points of view.


    Nathanael shooting video in lab

    Video production

    It's a creative process that involves planning, scripting, shooting, editing, and distribution. Working with a combination of hardware and software, using technical and artistic skills, our interns develop creativity, problem-solving skills, and attention to detail.

    Yoseph at 3D printer

    3D printing

    Learning this key future technology helps our interns conceptualize their designs and and visualize them as they move from a sketch to software modeling to the final product. It's also a lot of fun to see a concept become reality, layer by layer. Anybody want a custom-printed cell phone holder?

    intern working on PC

    PC repairs and upgrades

    Anybody growing up and getting serious about personal computing needs to have a sense of how these machines work. At Landmark our interns dig into both hardware and software, as well as networking and other associated technologies.

    Alex editing a Web page

    Graphics and Web site development

    Graphic design and Web site development go hand-in-hand. Good web design incorporates graphics and often video. We are hoping to improve our interns' sense of aesthetics, artistry and practicality in the design of contemporary Web pages.

    Cyber Awareness course coming

    If ever there was a time when we had to be cautious online, that time is now. We're building a 12-lesson course for you, our clients. The intent: to help you understand the basics, and to help you stay safe.

    Cyber Awareness Basics will be interactive. You'll learn at your own pace, and do what you're comfortable doing. It will be immersive, and it will be fun. Stay tuned.

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